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The Power of the Strike

2023/Fiction/16 Min/Argentina, Germany, USA, Russia/Language: English

One totally fucked up night in a bowling alley. 

Cast and Crew
Cast - Rozario Revuelta and Pedro Gigena/ Director, Screenwriter, Producer - Dima Barch/ First Assistant Director - Gisela Aguilar/ Assistant Producer - Erika Villafañe Ferreyra/ Seconda Assistant Director - Carla Ontivero/ Director of Photography - Nicolás Acosta Koenig/ Art Director - Rosana Simonella/ Editor - Tomás Roldán and Rosana Simonella/ Sound Design and Music - Lucas González/  Camera - Nicolás Acosta Koenig/
Focus Puller - Agustín Asis/ Color -  Agustín Asis/ Visual Effects - Diego Medina/ Gaffer - Facundo Farias/ Best Boy Electric -  Julián Villar, Paula Sanchez Clavijo/ Graphic Designer - David Fernández/ Special Thanks - Mamaq, Magalí Mérida, GVPro, Gustavo Vergara, Black and Rose, Nahuel Miguel Faggiano, María Josefina Walter, The Lighthouse, Fatima Estrella, Martín Gasparini, Lexi Johnson, Mere Lorraine, Alicia Acosta Koenig/

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