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Proscer - Mangaka Inc.

2024/Music Video/3 Min/Argentina

Through mountains and forests, with determination from obstacle to obstacle, searching. And in the end, the ingredient of redemption. Where does eternal memory take us? What does it take to spark a revolution? What is missing for that last forgiveness?

Cast and Crew
Producer - Mangaka Inc., Tomás Roldán, and N. Agustina Orgaz/ Director - Tomás Roldán/ Cinematographer and Editor - Tomás Roldán/ Production Assistants - N. Agustina Orgaz, and Bruno Paniagua/ Drawings Designs - Joe Polar/ Cast - Mangaka Inc., and N. Agustina Orgaz/ Art - N. Agustina Orgaz/ Special Thanks - María José Jardón, and Carlos Alberto González/

Vimeo Link

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